Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Etsy Chat One Persons Opinion

I joined Etsy in February 2009 and recently just found the chats rooms. I have formed many opinions and thought that a blog would be a good forum to share them. I will be the first to admit that my comments are particularly negative and may offend others.

Featured Seller (FS) - I must say that I was immediatly hooked on the Featured Seller (FS) chat room. After many purchases and almost as many sales the new-ness quickly wore off. I came to the realization that there are a few people committed to supporting sellers and also a great many that were floaters waiting for trivia or hoping to be the next person picked. During the 5 minute FS you can see others nod off and quickly wake up when it is time for the next round.  As Etsy sellers we are among many little fish in a big pond. It is counterproductive to make a purchase in order to sell something and the sense of accomplishment isn't as great. Being a stay at home mom I now look at chat rooms simply as a place to chat, we can all admit that the need for outside stimulation is a must. I feel that I have finally found a place that I fit in. I love crafts and am not surrounded by many people that share my same interests. I have met many people in the chat rooms and feel I am beginning to form many friendships.

Self Promoting - I am a firm believer in self promotion. Where would any of our business's be without it. But, there is a fine line between self promotion and spamming. I myself prefer to check out other shops and post items that I find interesting or particularly artsy. I allow others to post my items if they see something interesting and this way I am not shoving my product down someone's throat.

Sales or Promotions - Posting of such items in the chat room is acceptable but should be kept to a minimum. Sales can be posted on your home page. If someone is looking at your shop and really interested in buying they will read the announcement and become aware of any promotions.

Room participation - Another pet peeve of mine is for one user to be in 2-3 rooms at a time especially when I am trying to get in a room that is full. Leave and let others that really want to chat come in.

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  1. I completely agree. I as a crafter love everything that people have but I can't buy everything I want. I just don't have the cash, I'm crafting for a reason - to earn money. I was in the FS chat for a bit but I just felt bad because I wasn't going to buy anything. I agree completely with you.